How to Make Beautiful and Easy Hanging Low Water Gardens




Intro: How to Make Beautiful and Easy Hanging Low Water Gardens

Simple directions on how to make beautiful and easy hanging low water gardens.

Step 1: Beautiful Hanging Low Water Gardens

Did you know that you can make "clippings", "cuttings" and "rootings" from many plants?

I think the easiest plant to use are the philodendron and coleus. You can also use a spider plant, pothos, wandering jew, ivy and many other plants.

Simply cut a piece off and leave about 4-6 inches. Remove the lower leaves.

Put the stem in a jar or vessel filled with water. It will take root and grow. This is also known as propagating.

Check the water regularly. When the water level gets low, add more water to your vessel or jar. If the water turns brown or cloudy pour out the water and add clean water.

You don't need much water to grow these clippings.

Once the cuttings have rooted you can either leave them in the water or plant them in dirt to make new plants.

It's exciting to watch them grow and can be educational for children.

The cuttings look very pretty in colorful glass vases hanging in a sunny window, or in jars on a table or window sill.

(I am not being paid, nor do I have a relationship with the glass vase company. The owner gave me permission to use some of his photos. )



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    2 years ago

    Stunning and simple way to conserve water and have beautiful plants.


    2 years ago

    I love this and will definitely try it!