How to Make a Blinking LED in FLOWSTONE.



For those of us who use Flowstone, the standard LED module is great but does not blink when turned on via software. In cases where a visual annunciation is needed to grab the attention of an operator, blinking is necessary. Read on for how I achieved this feature.

Step 1: Getting a Repeating Pulse.

I used a Tick to give me 25 pulses per second. Using a trigger pulse divider, the pulse output is now 1 time per second or 1Hertz. If the division is made with a smaller integer than the pulse rate will increase.

Step 2: Counting the Pulses.

Using a counter primitive, I counted the pulses in order to be able to know when the LED must come on and off.

Step 3: Converting to Boolean.

This is how I converted pulses to good ole Boolean that toggles between TRUE and FALSE. The output of the selector gives this repeating logic state to the LED.

Step 4: Complete Schematic.

So this is the complete schematic on how to make a blinking LED in flowstone. I hope it will be of use to you enthusiasts.



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