How to Make Blowgun/Airgun Darts



Introduction: How to Make Blowgun/Airgun Darts

I show how to make 3 different types of blowgun and air-gun darts. They are all made with common house hold materials and are simple to make. They work with a blowgun or an air-gun and can be made larger or smaller depending on the diameter of the blowgun tube. I used nails for all of my darts but a thin metal rod or other materials can be used. This is more to show how to make the different dart stabilizers that can then be made with more suitable darts depending on weather a pneumatic dart gun or blow dart gun is used. I tested them from a homemade air gun shooting them into a frozen wood stump and they all performed well. If I was using a blowgun I would make them with smaller thinner nails or thin metal rods so that they are lighter. Be careful these can be potentially dangerous, use common sense if making/using these.

A Blowgun can be used to fire darts, Often, these are quite small, and do little harm by themselves; instead, they are effective due to poison spread onto their points, from (for example) dart frogs or curare.

Step 1: Dart Types

Blow Dart #1: This dart is made from a piece of cardstock paper that is made on to a cone then glued into the end of a nail. a small plastic tube is added, this piece is not necessary it just makes it look a little better. then the cone and tube are covered in clear tape. this makes the cardstock cone more durable.

Blow Dart #2: This dart is made from a plastic bag. The bag was thick plastic and cut into a few small squares that are pressed in to the nail and glued in place. A small plastic tube is added to the nail. A bright color plastic can be used to make the darts easy to locate.

Blow Dart #3: This dart is made from a plastic milk carton. The milk carton is heated up making it malleable and a skewer can be used to make it into a cone shape. the cone shape is cut out and glued to the nail.

Step 2: Materials

- Cardstock Paper

- Tape

- Nails/Thin Metal Rod

- Small Plastic Tube

- Glue/Epoxy

- Plastic Bag

- plastic from a milk carton.

Step 3: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)

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