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Introduction: How to Make Brooder for Chicks

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Hi ,Today I am making a brooder ,brooder is a machine in which a newborn chicks stay for about 10 days in under a controlled temperature ,why I am making this in round but not in square which is way more easy ,it's because the chicks stack up on each other and the front chick dies in the corners with this design we eliminate the possibility of stacking up and making a secure environment for newborn baby chicks to stay alive and live longer.

If you want to see this tutorial in more in depth please see the video.

there are 2 video In which I am showing how to make the body of brooder and in another video I am showing how to setup thermostat w1209.

Please be caution with heavy machinery and electricity.

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Step 1: Things We Need


6 x 11.5 inches wood pieces 2 inches prefer

2 x 4 by 13.5 3mm hardboard

2 x 2 by 2 feet round circle of wood or Lamination sheet

1 x 12 by 12 net prefer tiny holes one

Electric Parts

1 x 23/73 220v wire of 4 feet lenght

1 x 23/73 220v wire of 2 feet lenght

1 x 220v plug

1 x Bulb holder

1 x Halogen Bulb

1 x 12v 1amp adaptor

1 x W1209 Controller

1 x Electrical tape






Jigsaw (optional)




White Glue half kg

Door hinge

Door Magnet

Door knob

1.5 inches Screws = 1 Box

0.5 inches Screws = 1 Box

10 inches Wood pieces

Step 2: Attaching the Net to Upper Part

You have to put the net over the vent and place it securely ,now take dimension and mark on the soft wood and cut two same length piece and repeat with the sides pieces ,put all those four pieces on each other and drill a hole two places where all pieces get center ,put the pieces over the net and tighten the screws on all pieces now the net is attached.

Step 3: Marking on the Upper and Down Side

First of all put both the circle pieces in on another then take that door and place it right in front of the vent side match it with the lines and then make mark just 1 inch away from that edge why because if we put it right next to the ending of door side there will be no more space for the door to close ,do it for the same on other side of door and we are done with door side.

Mark from the door mark to side and take about 12 inches and from that mark take 10 inches to the back side same things happens for the left side.

Now we are going to make holes where we have marked the drill bit should be long enough to go through the upper sheet and leaving a mark on the down sheet as well ,make the holes in the down sheet thoroughly as well.

Step 4:

Take 1 pieces of wood and put glue on it and stick it right under the upper piece circle where we mark the door ,I am using a nail to make it stay ,now put another with same technique and then use screw on all other pillars when done flip the upper side down ,put glue on all the pillars we made on upper side and then put the second piece on it tighten the screw and our structure is ready.

Step 5: Covering the Structure

Putting the hardboard is not a easy task ,put the glue throughly all over the structure where hardboard will sit ,you have to layover the whole 4 feet piece over the structure and it will be start from the door side ,put the whole cardboard and as you go to it's rear make sure it's getting perfect line with the roundness it is not a problem if it's getting gap in the downside ,as you have put it screw it on the first pillar of door side and another just 5 inches apart now it stays there ,now start to put screws as you going to it's end and cover it all over from down and up and secure it on the pillar sides ,when we done with the first piece of hardboard there is a space left now take a measure from the door pillar to where the first hardboard ends leave some space so it will layover it and put the glue and screw it all the corners as well as on the pillars.

Step 6: Making the Door Ready

Mark the piece on where it should be cut ,cut it just right away it stuck right behind those door pillars put some glue under it and put some pressure on it , place the hinge over the door and the pillar side and mark where have to drill holes tighten it with screws ,Make hole in the door knob and fit the knob with bolt,now we have to hold the door so I am using catcher magnet place it as the door closes on the upper side circle now our door is ready as well as the whole brooder.

Step 7: Making the Electric Parts Works

It's very simple thing to do but should take very good attention on this step just strip the 4 feet wire and hook up the bulb holder and plug on both ends

now carefully strip the wire from 1 feet distance from the bulb holder and only cut one wire it will become two wires plug them into the circuit's K0 and K1 , strip the 12v adaptor wire and plug that wire which will have white strips will go to 12v and whole black wire will go in to the ground.

as we make ready the circuit it's ready for work simply plug in both 220v and 12v adaptor in to the 220v outlet.

Circuits setting

press the set for once the number will start blinking that's the setted limit where it should be turn off the bulb I have set it on 35

Press the set for 6 second and P0 will come press set again one and you will see C for cooling press + once it will turn to H for heating

Press the set for 6 second and P0 will come press + it will come P1 press set once and you will see the difference number means if bulb should be off on 35 so on which number it should be turned on put that diffrence there I put 3 which means it will be turn on at 32 and will turn off on 35 .

Drill 3 holes on the top side and secure the circuit with screws over it from those holes the left side is for bulb relay center is for 12v wires and right hole is for sensor to go in,

simply Place the Bulb inside of uper circle piece near the net area it will be stay side of the brooder not in the center so the half area will be warm and other will stay cool ,drill a hole on the side of brooder upper side and take out the 220v outside and put in the 12v from the same hole the 12v wire will go directly into the 12v and GRD in circuit area and that 220v relay wire will go in k0 and k1 ,now all the setup have been done and our brooder is ready.

For more in depth please watch the video.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    That Thermostat you are using is indeed pretty nifty.
    I never thought of a round box, always just had them in a cardboard box but i only had a few chicks at one time

    Umair Workshop
    Umair Workshop

    Reply 2 years ago

    I make a round box because chicks don't stack up behind each other , In square one all the chicks stack up and the front chicks get too much heat and less air and there health become ill .