How to Make Buck-thorn and Cranberry Compote

Introduction: How to Make Buck-thorn and Cranberry Compote

Hi dear visitors of my page and viewers of my channel!

I want to give you some small tips of how and why to make berry / fruit compotes at home! It's easy, tasty and very healthy!

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Step 1: Decide About the Fruits / Berries to Mix Together!

First of all, you need to choose which berries and fruits will be compatible with each other! It's better to mix the berries with apples, some sour fruits / cherries with sweet strawberries, etc. Mixing cranberries with pear may not give the same effect as mixing cranberries with apples. So, choose carefully and wisely:)

Step 2: Wash, Clean and Cut the Ingredients

Wash, clean and cut all the berries and fruits! Try to cut apples into not so big pieces! Smaller the pieces, better the blending of sweetness and sourness process goes and faster the compote cooks and keeps the vitamins for you to enjoy!

Step 3: Cooking and Cooling Period!

Well, now that we have everything ready to be cooked: first add the fruits and berries and 3 minutes before turning off the heat, just add any spices that you like: for example: cinnamon, hill, carnation, nutmeg, etc.Cooking time depends on the berries and fruits you've chosen. Pay attention on the coloring: when the bright colors turn into pale , it means the compote is ready! Usually the compote is ready in 15-20 minutes with most of the berries and fruits!

Always leave at least 25-30 minutes for the compote to cool down before serving. You may even put it into a fridge and serve it with ice!

Now, go and make your own compotes and enjoy with your friends and family!

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