How to Make Butter Slime





Introduction: How to Make Butter Slime

You will need:
*white PVA glue
*1tbsp of borax
*1cup of hot water
*daiso Japanese soft clay or regular soft clay
*spatula or spoon
*shaving foam

Step 1: Glue

Pour glue in a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Lotion

Add about 6 pumps of lotion into your glue and stir.

Step 3: Shaving Foam

Add shaving foam to the lotion and glue mixture and stir.

Step 4: Borax and Water

Get a different mixing bowl and mix the borax and water together.Mix until the borax is fully dissolved.

Step 5: Borax,water and Glue Mixture

Add the borax and water mixture to the glue lotion and shaving foam mixture and stir. Make sure that you don't put to much of the borax mixture and not too less. It should be a little sticky but not to much.

Step 6: Daiso Japanese Soft Clay or Soft Clay

Add the daiso Japanese soft clay with the slime until it becomes a clay texture and stretchy like slime.

Step 7: Color and Extra Ingredients

(Optional) If you want color on your butter slime you can add acrylic paint or food coloring and knead with your hands or spatula.If you think your slime is too sticky you can add more of the borax and water mixture and knead :) .



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25 Discussions

I’m gonna try it and get back to u guys xx

How much slime does this make?? For example, 8oz? Also how much does the daiso clay weigh

Never put butter slime in a bag.Because I have tried and it got stucked all over and I had none left!So always keep butter slime in a air pack tight container. Thank You

Very Nice Project for kids.Hope they learn something creative :)

Don't add to much of the shaving cream cause it's not a fluffy slime

Do you need Daiso clay in your slime?

I love this slime!!!!!!!!!!! Thx 4 sharing!!!! ;)

It was awesome but consider telling us how many parts to each ingredient.

1 reply

I agree, It is an amazing slime. You just needed to tell us how many parts for each ingredient

Can u use contact soilution

It is super fun kids

Can it be play doh

I love slime I beg my mom everyday for glue!!!

I want to make it sooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!