How to Make Candles With Holes



Introduction: How to Make Candles With Holes

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This is not an average candle, it looks like a Swiss cheese with holes everywhere! Everybody will wonder how you managed to make your candle look like that. Today i'll show you how to get this look with a very simple technique.

Step 1: Materials

Box of milk (empty and washed)




Little pot

Ice cubes



Step 2: Mold

Our milk box will be the mold for the candle. Cut it in half to have a smaller rectangle. You'll have to cut it at the end so don't use any other kind of molds.

Step 3: Candlewick

Prepare your candlewick. Tie one end in the middle of the stick and leave it a little longer than your milk box height. This way if it moves you'll make sure you still have a long candlewick.

Step 4: Melt

Put your paraffin in the pot and heat it up until it's all melted. You should only use this pot with paraffin, don't use it with food again.

Step 5: Ice

Break your ice cubes in smaller pieces. I use some bags to make my ice cubes but if you don't have them like this put them in a bag to break them.

Place your stick with the candlewick in your mold and pour the paraffin inside. Do this with a kitchen glove because the pot is still very hot. You will hear the ice creakle, this is totally fine.

Put it in the fridge for 2 hours.

Step 6: Unmold

When the paraffin looks perfectly solid you can see water between the holes. This is because all of your ice melted. Take it out and unmold your candle by breaking the milk box.

Cut your candlewick like an inch above the candle.

Step 7: Ready!

Your candle is now ready to be displayed. It looks beautiful and rare.

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    Question 1 year ago

    Can this be done with paraffin that has been colored?