How to Make Captain America Shield



Introduction: How to Make Captain America Shield

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Easy guide to make a Captain America shield

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Step 1: What You Going to Need

  • Old satellite Dish
  • 3 spray paint (1 grey 1 red 1 blue )
  • Paint remover spray
  • Masking Tape + Electrical tape
  • Sanding paper
  • Scrap metal sheet( For the middle star)
  • Epoxy Steel glue(JB WELD)
  • 4bolt and nuts and a leather handle

Step 2: Drawing the Circles on the Dish

Using a piece of wood or trunking cover your draw 3 circles using these measurements

  • 11cm
  • 17cm
  • 23cm
  • 28cm

Step 3: Cutting Out the Shield From the Dish

Using a metal drill bit , drill a hole near the circle large enough for your jigsaw blade to fit inside
and start to cut the line with you jigsaw

Step 4: Removing the Paint

Spray on the paint remover on in , and start to scratch off the old paint

Step 5: Rounding Up the Edges

Using your angle grinder , round off the sharpy edges.

Step 6: Glueing the Hole and the Bolts for the Handle

Apply some masking tape if their is any hole in the shield

Then take the epoxy glue and mix them , then put the 4 bolts on the shield and glue them down.

Let it dry for 15 min. aprx.

Step 7: Masking Up and Painting

Use the grey spray can to spray the whole shield grey
Then use masking tape to mask the grey part,and the middle circle

After that, Spray paint it red, let it dry for 3-4 hours

Then you remove the middle masking tape ,and put electrical tape on the corner,
then you spray paint it blue

Step 8: Handle

Take an old bag strap or leather strap and bolt it on the 4 bolt that u had glued.

Step 9: Making the Star

Using the scrap sheet of metal, draw a star according to the size of the middle circle
then use it out using steel pier,
After that paint it grey and glue it with Epoxy glue in the centre

Step 10: Thats It!

Your done, that the final thing

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