How to Make Cellphone Charger for Your Motorcycle

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Intro: How to Make Cellphone Charger for Your Motorcycle

In This Tutorial i will show you that How to Install Cellphone Charger in your Motorcycle the Heart of this project is LM7805 ic We know that our Cellphone Battery require a 4.5~5 v Dc voltage for charging so To make a Constant 5v Dc voltage we will use Voltage Regulated IC like LM780 will give a Constant 5v Dc voltage at output.

Step 1: About the Project

1 ) LM7805 ::: Will give a Constant 5v Dc voltage

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2 ) LM7808 ::: Will give a Constant 8v Dc voltage 3) LM78012 ::: Will give a Constant 12v Dc voltage 4) LM7818 ::: Will give a Constant 18v Dc voltage

The LM78XX series IC Consist Of Three Legs The Firs Legs used as a Input and The Middle leg is Used for Ground and The Third Leg is used for The out put .

****Always Use a good Heatsink While using L78XX series IC ****

C1, C2 = 10uF/ 25V
R1 = 5 Ohm, 2 Watt D1 = 1N4007 IC1 = 7805, mounted on a heatsink Battery, any 12 volt automobile battery

Step 2: Schematic



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