How to Make Chica's Cupcake From Five Nights at Freddys

Introduction: How to Make Chica's Cupcake From Five Nights at Freddys

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do you see that cupcake that I hold? his name is Carl. yup, that one that stared at you in the first game? you want it don't you? sure, I can help you make one of them. I just have to warn you that the pictures will look rubbish...

Step 1: Get Your Materials and Stuff.

you need crepe paper, since you need to crumple construction paper, but its okay if you want to; scissors, tape, construction paper, a cut bottle, some bond paper, a marker, cardboard and two white bottle caps

Step 2: Plate

try to make a perfect circle, and cut it out. make sure that the half cut bottle fits in it, make a smaller circle inside to make it look like a plate.

Step 3: The "cup" in Cupcakes

cut a bottle in half, use the lower part and cover the outer part with crepe paper or construction paper, secure it on the plate with tape. its not that necessary to cover the bottom, since it can't be seen.

Step 4: Paper

do you ever use the crumpled paper in your school, office, desk, whatever? well, use that for Carl's stuffing.

Step 5: Frosting

cover the crumpled paper with pink crepe paper for his frosting, look out for holes and cover them up.

Step 6: Your Sweet Little Eyes...

use blue construction paper if you want it to be the one in the second game, and and yellow for the first. cut it into ovals or circles and make it fit in the bottle caps. tape or glue it to the caps to make the eyeballs.

Step 7: The Face

tape the eyes to the cupcake. be careful not to make mistakes or else its going to rip the paper.

Step 8: Assemble

tape Carl's upper part and lower part together.

Step 9: Optional

get a birthday candle and tape it on Carl's head.

Step 10: Yay

you made Carl the cupcake!!! yay!!! sorry if the pictures were rubbish. hope it helped you :3

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    this is so cool