How to Make Chocolate Egg Carton!

Intro: How to Make Chocolate Egg Carton!

Seriously who on EARTH wouldn't want a chocolate egg carton! even if you are new to the baking world you can defiantly attempt this and succeed! its so simple yet amazing and delicious!

Step 1:



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    2 years ago

    Pretty amazing!

    Is the chocolate just melted chocolate or do you 'modify it' in any way? There are some brands of regular eggs that come packaged in similar clear plastic formed egg cartons in case there is difficulty finding a similar carton.

    1 reply

    hi, yes your chocolate must be tempered.
    If your new to working with chocolate use a chocolate that says somewhere on label (most of the time on the back) compound chocolate then that doesn't need to be tempered you can just melt and when refregrated then if will set up...
    just make sure you use the best brand (taste to your liking) when using a compound chocolate...
    I will be making a video soon on how to temper chocolate :)
    p.s thanks for the pic! i can't believe i haven't seen any of them around :/