How to Make Clay Beads

Introduction: How to Make Clay Beads

Hi everyone!
Today I have another instructable, in this instructable I will be showing you how to make clay beads.
I hope you enjoy! Let's get started

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

Things you will need:
.Clay (colour of your choice)
.a pencil
.an oven (not pictured)
Just remember if your using air dry clay you won't need an oven.

Step 2: Rolling the Clay

Roll the clay into balls, the size is your choice. Then if you want to mold the clay into different shapes like a triangle for example.
Be sure to do this before you make the holes in the clay because if you'd do it after you'd squash the holes.

Step 3: Making the Holes

First take your clay ball/shape and eyeball the point where you want to make the hole in the bead and stab the pencil into the clay carefully and make sure it comes out the other side. Then do the same with the other side of the bead, where the end of the pencil should've came out.
Make sure the hole you've just made is the size you want it to be (Make sure you can fit string through the hole).

Step 4: The Oven!

Stick your homemade beads in the oven to the degrees it says to on the packet and bake it for how many minutes it says to.
The clay I use says to bake the clay for 30 minutes at 110*C degrees(230*F). I use Fimo by STAEDTLER.

Step 5: Done!! :D

Well done. You've made your own beads.
Use these beads to make Jewelry or make a bead picture.
Thanks for reading this tutorial hope you enjoyed.

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