How to Make Clear Slime (Liquid Glass)

Introduction: How to Make Clear Slime (Liquid Glass)

This tutorial show you how to make Clear slime with Borax and Glue

Step 1: Materials:


Elmer clear glue


2 x A bowl

Something to mix (a spoon)


Step 2: Step 1: Make Borax Mixture

Add 1 cup of water to bowl #1

Add 1 teaspoon of Borax into water and mix

I use warm water

Step 3: Step 2: Make Glue Mixture

Add 1/2 cup of clear glue into bowl #2

Add 1/2 cup of water into glue


Step 4: Step 3: Put It Together

Add Borax mixture into Glue

Use your hand to mix

It should form instantly

You can stretched, make a ball and bounce around

Step 5: Step 4: Store the Slime

To keep the slime from dry out, put in zip lock bag

Have fun making it. :D
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Mine did not work. I do not know if I simply made a mistake or the recipe had a fault, but mine turned out like the fat of a steak. Whenever I tried to stretch it, it just fell apart! I tried to add more glue but it would not work! I would not make this again and I would not recommend using this recipe.

need the slime to form in 3 days

I made this but the slime isn't clear I did your recipe and it's like kinda clear but not, it's like dirty glass.

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8 months ago

Thanks i needed this for my egypt project .gracias

If you have a vacuum chamber, you can make it in 30 min to an hour by de-gassing it.

you have to leave the slime in the container for 5-7 days without playing with it for it to be clear. Just a heads up!

yes because pva glue is really the "only" glue you can use to make slime. But there are different methods;)

Yes, you can use PVA glue, it is the same as Elmers Clear Glue.

You have to let the slime sit for three days to get the bubbles out(ps.i did make it but i dont want to put a picture in it )

Thanks for this I am gonna use this recipe to make slim once I have all my items with me