How to Make Coffee at the Autodesk BUILD Space

Introduction: How to Make Coffee at the Autodesk BUILD Space

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If you work in the Autodesk BUILD Space like I do, you probably start your day by heading to our second-floor kitchen and pouring yourself a cup of coffee... but wait, you press the lever and hear that horrible sucking-gurgling sound of an empty pot. Fine, just pick a different roast... you press the next lever and hear the same thing... and again... and again... all the pots are empty! Take a deep breath and fight the urge to track down all parties responsible, it will be ok.

Dear Responsible Parties,

WHYYYY? Chances are if you're working in this building, you're very smart; making a pot of coffee isn't rocket science. I'm sure you could figure it out on your own if you gave it a minute of effort, but in case the process is too intimidating for you, fear not, here are the five incredibly short and simple steps required to make coffee in the BUILD Space. It will take you a grand total of 30 seconds.


I Need My Coffee

Step 1: Open the Lid

Push the button on the front of the airpot to open the lid.

Step 2: Remove the Center Stem

Remove the piece in the center (I'm calling it the stem). I hang it from the airpot itself so the only thing that could contaminate it is more coffee.

Step 3: Pour Grounds Into a Filter.

A stack of filters should sit on top of the brewer or in the drawer labeled "Filters." Put one in the plastic filter tray. Rip open the matching bag of grounds and pour them in.

Step 4: Put the Filter Tray Back in the Brewer.

Like I said, this isn't rocket science. Make sure both sides of the tray sit on the rails in the brewer.

Step 5: Press the Switch That Says "Brew"

Watch the ambrosia cascade into the airpot. It's so energetic. Like it wants to be there. Like it's caffeinated. By NOT filling an airpot, you're denying those beans their destiny. Think about that. Bean destiny.

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    2 years ago

    I made three air pots today, the coffee just disappears sooooo fast I've seen pots go dry in front of me!!1(sorry no pics)