How to Make Coin Sorting Piggy Bank Machine From Cardboard DIY at Home




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Materials you will need-





-Bottle caps

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Step 1: Take Cardboard Pieces of the Given Measurements and Glue Them As Shown. Make Total 3 Such Boxes.

Step 2: Take Cardboard Cutouts of the Given Measurements and Glue Them As Shown.

Step 3: Take a 16cm * 4cm Piece of Cardboard, and Make a 0.3cm Strip at the Bottom As Shown.

Step 4: Draw the Outline of Two of the Coins. Now, Make the Following Markings and Cut As Shown. Add a 1cm Strip Vertically Above the 0.3cm Strip.

Step 5: Glue This Piece to the Main Cardboard As Shown. Stick a Small Piece of Cardboard As Shown to Avoid Mixing of the Coins.

Step 6: Glue Cardboard Pieces to Cover the Machine As Shown. Keep a Slot in the Top Piece to Insert the Coins.

Step 7: Fix a Bottle Cap on the Front Side of Each Box to Act As a Knob. Label As Desired. Your Coin Sorting Piggy Bank Machine Is Ready!

Step 8: Watch the Full Video for a Detailed Tutorial!

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    8 months ago

    Dude your changing the game with instructions, especially on the video. Totally impressed how easy it was to follow. Got my vote lol


    8 months ago on Step 8

    I like the way you presented your video no words need to be said, its self explanatory !


    8 months ago

    Your photos are great! Can you add some text to explain what's happening in your photo sets? It would be helpful to understand what's happening in each photo and how the bank is constructed. Thanks!