How to Make Cooking Disco and Recipe

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This is how I like to relax with my friends and family
Cooking food on tractor plow disc :)

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Step 1: The Cooking Disc

The cooking disc is made from tractor plow disc

Step 2: Ingredients

Pork neck chops






Red Wine


Basil branch

Step 3: Cooking

I like to use lard, you can also use oil, but the taste will never be the same
The fire must moderate, too much heat can burn the meat and fries

The tomatoes and pepper must be cooked with the potato and the meat.

I also like to add onions for taste

When is half prepared I use a basil branch to spray a salt and wine mix on the meat

Step 4: Serving

The tomatoes mixed with garlic and salt will make a great sauce

Please comment if you try the recipe

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    1 year ago

    This is definitely one of the most unique cooking implements I've ever seen. Nicely done!!

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