How to Make Cordless Driver Holder From PVC Pipe




Introduction: How to Make Cordless Driver Holder From PVC Pipe

This time I’ll show you how to make cordless driver holder from PVC pipe.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow. For this project you will need:


75mm of diameter PVC pipe

Wood screws



Drill and bits

Table saw, miter saw or any other tool for cut

Heat gun

Step 1: What and Why

Time to time I spent some time to upgrade my shop by making work space more usable and comfortable to work. Today is time to make some holders for my cordless drivers, because to sit them on the workbench isn’t an option any more.

I used 75mm of diameter PVC pipe. This is a regular PVC pipe which you could find in your local hardware store. Measured and cut to needed length. For my tools it was 23cm.

Step 2: Cuts

Found a mark, how deep drill must sit in a holder.
With table saw and crosscut sled made a cut. Used clamp for stop to ensure that each cut will be the same length for all 3 holders.

Next measured 4cm in both sides and made a cut with miter saw.

All those cuts could be made with any rotary tool, angle grinder or event a hand saw. I used what I had and what will allow me to work as fast as possible.

Step 3: Forming Right Shape

Because PVC pipe was too small for my drills, I heated cut parts with a heat gun and bended out to make enough space for each tool. At this step, take your time and don’t try to make needed shape at once, because you could stretch PVC too much or even crack it.
All sharp PVC pipe edges I finished by scraping with utility knife and gave a light sanding with 80 grit sandpaper.

Step 4: Mounting in Place

Drilled 3 holes on top for screws, to hang up holders in place. And one bigger in opposite side - which allow me to reach the last screw.
I screwed each holder with 3 small wood screws and washers. Washers will distribute drill weight to larger pipe surface.

Step 5: Result

It took me about 40 minutes to make it and cost only 3 euros for materials. I like this holder a lot and I’m thinking - why I hadn't made it while while time ago..
I think, this is one of must have shop organizers a.k.a. holders, especially if you have more than one cordless drill.

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29 Discussions

I don't understand why you have to bend the pvc if you cut the slot big enough for the tool to slide in.


8 months ago

Simple and great design. I'll definitely remember it !


8 months ago

works great and cleans up my work space .. thanks!


9 months ago

Maybe this can be altered a little to hang the drills upside down with the battery end in the pipe and the drill facing outward. That way you can leave the bit in the drill if you want. many drills.. (one for each purpose).. so little bench space....

Thanks for sharing your project it's going to be helpful to me by being organized because of better use of my small space.

I think it might be possible to mount the pvc holders vertically too if one wanted to.


9 months ago

Love the simple but perfect solutions! I don't have a shelf to hang them from, think I will try some more robust drain pipe with end caps that I can screw to the wall, then glue the drainpipe holders into the caps.

1 reply

Save the trouble and cost of caps and adhesives, simply cut some slots into the wall-end of the tubes, use heat gun to bend 2 or 3 tabs INWARD, allowing you to screw them to the wall.

This is a great idea. I’m going to make mine a little longer because I normally leave a bit in the driver just because I’m too lazy to take them out all the time.

2 replies

Put a strip of wood with holes drilled for bits beside the drill hanger and you have a place for removing your bits and a place where you can find all your bits and bit accessories.

Yes, I have bit holders. I still leave a bit in the driver. Typically I leave a phillips #2, (although it is really a JIS bit which works so much better than phillips). I find more often than not that is the bit I need the next time, why bother taking it out and putting it back in when I don't need to.

This is the bomb! I have waited literally years for someone to come up with the perfect holder, and this is it. I am on it! I hate having cordless drills laying around all the time. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I wonder if this idea is marketable?

Great idea, thanks for sharing. I have to take the heat gun out today for a different project and if I wasn't on the road working, I'd make this for my workshop. Very convenient.


9 months ago

Nice idea! jThanks!

I like it! Thanks for sharing.

Clever idea, so simple I never thought about it.

Guess what I'm going to do this afternoon. Probably dedicate an entire stick of pipe to them. Flair out some tabs so they can be temporally screwed to ladders, joists or anything handy.

Not many Instructables inspire me but this one is at the top of my list.


9 months ago

I have several spare pieces of 110mm pipes and this is the first instructable that seems handy for me. Now I just have to get 3 more cordless drills ;)

So simple, yet so brilliant.

I'm defo going to do this. Thanks

You have quite the collection. Now we need a clever way to store several different chargers and spare batteries.

You could also use ABS for this. (black plastic sewer line) One of the advantages is that you can get it in 4" diameter, which would allow it to be used without reshaping. ABS takes paint well too.