How to Make Cotton Swabs Earrings

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How to make Cotton swabs earrings, this is very easy and low-cost project.And very fun to make.And the earrings is looking pretty good.

What you need for this project:

1) cotton swabs

2) hard paper (I used cotton swabs box) or you can use cardboard

3) stud earrings findings Round

4) pearl beads

5) glue

Step 1: Preparing

First, you need to collect all the materials needed for this project. Then for earring base, you need to use any hard paper or cardboard or plastic. I used that cotton swabs box. box made of hard paper.So first, I took a bottle cap and draw a circle on the hard paper and I cut it. This hard paper I used for the earring base making.And then need to cut the swabs.So I cut the swabs head as you can see in the pic.So here we are prepared for making swabs earring.

Step 2: ​Final Stage

At first, we will take the circle hard paper and then all the pre-cut swabs stick on the hard paper using glue in a circular motion. When one circle is complete again we need to make another layer of swabs and then again.So I stick 3 layers of circular swabs. And it looks like a flower. And in the middle using glue stick a pearl bead.Now swabs flower is done. Now we need to stick stud earrings findings with the swabs flower with glue.

We are done. Our Swabs earrings is ready



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