How to Make Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes

Introduction: How to Make Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes

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With a few simple ingredients and in a few minutes time you can make my crunchy munchy honey cakes at home!

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Step 1: Stpe One: Gather Your Ingredients

For this recipe you will need:

One store-bought cake doughnut
One tub of whipped honey nut cream cheese spread
One bottle of honey
A handful of peanuts

Step 2: Step Two: Place "Cake" on Plate

Place doughnut onto plate.

Step 3: Step Three: Frost "Cake"

Using butter knife gently frost top and sides of doughnut with cream cheese spread.

Step 4: Step Four: Drizzle "Cake" With Honey

Dip the end of a butter knife in honey jar and drizzle a small amount of honey over top of doughnut.

Step 5: Step Five: Embellish "Cake"

Sprinkle as few or as many peanuts onto doughnut as you like.

Step 6: Step Six: Eat and Enjoy

Time to eat and enjoy your tasty honey cake. (Now, wasn't that easy and fun?) Love, twinkleshine

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