How to Make Custom Characters for Led Matrix





Introduction: How to Make Custom Characters for Led Matrix

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It Is So Simple To Make Our Own Custom Characters In Led Matrix For That

We Can Use A Simple App Called Pixel To Matrix

By Using This App Everyone Can Make There Own Custom Characters In Led Matrix

From There Own Imagination................ Isnt It Cool

Check This Instructable :) ;)

Step 1: How to Control Led Matrix to Arduino

How To Control Led Matrix Using Arduino :--

Check This Video & Instructable If You Are Not Familier With The Connection Of Led Matrix With Arduino

Step 2:

Do Not Bother About These much Steps These I Have Done To Make Everything More Clear To You

Go & Proceed With The Next Step :) ;) ..........

Step 3: Download the Files

Downloaded These Files ..........

Pixel To Matrix Application :--

Code :--

Step 4:

Need To Extract the Pixel To Matrix App

Step 5:

Open The Extracted File ........

Step 6:

This Is The Pixel To Matrix App

The App Is Same As That Of 8*8 Led Matrix

Which Has 8 Rows & 8 Columns

Step 7:

Click On The Squares To Make Patterns .....

Step 8:

Then Click The Generate Button To Get The Code .........

Step 9:

This Is The Arduino Code For Led Matrix

Step 10:

Copy The Code ........

Step 11:

Open The Notepad To Paste The Code ....

Step 12:

Paste The Code Here ......

Step 13:

Click To Make The Patterns .......

Step 14:

Copy The Code ...........

Step 15:

Again Paste The Code On The Notepad ..........

Step 16:

Continue Making The Patterns In The App And Copy The Code

Step 17:

Paste The Code In Notepad Till Your Wish To Display The Patterns Which Was Made In The Pixel To Matrix App

Step 18:

Then Open The Arduino Code ........

Step 19:

Delete These Lines ..........

Step 20:

Then Type byte a[8]= {

Step 21:

Then Type byte b[8]= {

Step 22:

Type Till byte j[8]= {

I Have j Lines In My Notepad Code

So That I Have Made It To byte j[8]= {

Step 23:

Then Open The Notepad & Copy The First Line Of Code

& Paste The Code In The Arduino Code

After Copying The Code Need To Type };

Step 24:

Paste The Lines Upto byte j[8]= {

From The Notepad

Step 25:

Delete These Lines In The Code ........

Step 26:

Then Type

printByte (a);


Step 27:

Type Lines Upto ,

printByte (j);


Beacuse Iam Having J Lines In The Notepad ...........

If U Have More Than J Lines You Can Type Upto That Line Or Vice Versa .........

Step 28:

Type } At The End Of The Line ............

Step 29:

After That Click Verify ....

To Check For Any Errors Or Mistakes ......

Include This Library To Arduino Software

Library :--

Step 30:

Then Click On Tools Select The Board Name & Com Port

Step 31:

Then Upload The Code To Arduino ...........

Step 32: More Info .........

Arduino Main Software :--


Pixel To Matrix Application :--


Code :--


Library :--



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    Good tuto,

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    I like this app so that i prefer to use this
    But good to hear from you my friend

    save the page and it will work on you computer without internet.
    it's only one html page with one javascript.

    But The App Which I Provided Can Use Anytime Without Internet

    karlt1 brother the app u provided is online and only those who have internet can take use of it

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