How to Make Custom Paper Fidget Spinner Without Bearings




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Hello in This instructable i made fidget spinner using Paper without bearings,it is very easy to make and you can easily find materials to make this at home(Sheet of Paper,Glue,Scissors,Compass,Ruler,Toothpic),it is a fun Project give it a Try!

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Step 1: Starting With Template

  • A4 Sheet is Folded
  • Mark 1cm on Compass
  • Draw 10cm Line
  • Mark Points on 0,2cm,8cm and 10cm

Step 2: If You Didn't Understand Please Watch This Video

Best Tutorial Video

Step 3: Making Fidget Spinner Body

  • 2cm Line is Drawn Perpendicular to 0,2cm,8cm and 10cm
  • Lines are Drawn as Shown in image
  • Again Draw 1cm Line,it Becomes Fidget Spiner Cap

Step 4: Coupling Up

  • Cut the Marked Parts
  • Glue the Pieces Together
  • Nut is Marked at The Middle

Step 5: Body Building Phase

  • Marked Part is Cut
  • Cap is Inserted into Toothpic and then to Fidget Spinner Body
  • Glued Cap and Toothpic Together

Step 6: Finishing Up

  • Color The Fidget Spinner According To Your Taste
  • Attach The Nut Using Glue
  • Give it a Spin!!
  • Don't Forget To Share This Awesome and Easy Idea With Your Family and Friends!
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    1 year ago

    Why do you doesn't use cardboard ?


    1 year ago

    nice for if your in the office.