How to Make DIY Dwarf Bamboo Palm Plant




Shashlik sticks,Wire,Cutter,Super Glue,Artificial leave,scissor,Pot,Air dry modeling clay,Glue Gun,Colour.

Step 1: Sticks and Wire Cutting

  1. Cut wire on ring shape according Shashlik sticks size.
  2. fixed wire ring on stick with the help of super glue.

Step 2: Colouring

  1. colour the sticks green and yellow for real look

Step 3: Artificial Leave Cutting and Fixing

  1. cut the leave in different sizes in palm shape.
  2. Fixed the leave on stick with the help of glue gun.
  3. colour it for final touch.

Step 4: Fixing in Pot and Final Look

  1. fill air dry modeling clay in pot.
  2. and fixed all 5 sticks in pot.
  3. some final look pictures.
  4. our Dwarf Bamboo palm plant is ready.



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