How to Make DIY Vase Look Like Leather Made




I tried t make a different vase look like leather vase .Its very easy to make and beautiful vase. I made it for my room decoration.Its a very attractive gift idea for your love ones.

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Step 1: Fomic Strip

For making of leather vase I used fomic sheet .Cut the sheet in strips and than in rectangular and square shape. Paste all the pieces on glass vase like I did.For pasting the pieces I used PVA glue.Pasting is done


I used orange and raw sienna acrylic color,Color few pieces and leave others. Now I used second color which is sap green and raw sienna (mixed color).The third color which I used is raw umber. Leave the vase for drying.Now apply white color for small lines like I did.

Step 3: Making of Buckle

I used buckle for decorate the vase.Take a strip adjust the buckle in it,now color it.I made two buckles . Paste them on vase. My DIY project is ready.

Step 4: Few Pics

Beautiful pics of DIY leather vase.It looks so real and attractive decoration piece. I made it for my brother's birthday party.

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