How to Make Deans to Tamiya Adapters



This is a way to save a few bucks if u ever need an adapter for Airsoft or RC racing

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Step 1: Thing You'll Need

A soldering iron 25W or higher but be aware the higher you go the further you run the risk of wrecking the connector
heatshrink i used red and black but any color works 
Deans connectors (if u need a source for cheap ones send me a pm and ill send u a link to some good ones)
Tamiya connectors preferebly with wires already if they don't have wires in yet then you'll also need crimpers and wire

Step 2: Making the Connector

If you have Tamiya connectors with the wires already on just put the heatshrink over the wires and solder them and shrink the heatshrink and your done if you dont have the wire crimp the pin connectors slide them into the tamiya plug and then solder the deans connector on 

Step 3: Congratulations Your Done

If you have any questions feel free to message me and ill try to help you

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