How to Make Delicious Cheese Chili at Home?

Introduction: How to Make Delicious Cheese Chili at Home?

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How to make delicious cheese chili at


Cheese chili is a world famous dish consumed by the people all over the world. This is a very healthy dish which is mostly liked by children and young generation. This special dish is available in all the hotels and restaurants because people consume it widely. Here is a very special recipe given to prepare Cheese chili as you taste in five star hotels. We are giving you a very easy and simple method that can help you in preparing this special dish at your home also.

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Ingredients required for the Cheese chili:

-Fresh Cheese 250 grams.

-Slit four green chilies.

-Minced garlic cloves six pieces.

-Smashed ginger half teaspoon.

-Chop one big green Capsicum in long loafs.

-One big Onion chopped in long pieces.

-Two table spoons Plain flour (maida).

-Two table spoons of corn flour.

-Soya sauce two spoons.

-One spoon full of green chili sauce.

-Two spoons of Tomato sauce.

-One and half cup of water.

-Cooking oil two big spoons full for deep frying.

-Half spoon black pepper.

-Salt according to your taste.

Complete Recipe of Cheese chili:

-First of all cut the Cheese in cubes.

-Now make mixture of plain flour, corn flour, Black pepper, salt, and one and a half cup of water and make paste.

-Now put the Cheese cubes in the paste and let the paste cover all the cubes.

-Marinate the cubes well for fifteen minutes.

-Now put the cooking oil in the Kadahi and place it on the medium flame.

-Put the Cheese cubes in the cooking oil and let it fry deeply till it gets brown color.

-Now take the cheese cubes out from the cooking oil and place them on the paper to soak the extra oil.

-Mix corn flour in some water and keep it aside.

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-Now put two spoons of cooking oil in the fry pan and when it gets heated then put minced garlic, minced garlic and let them fry deep for one minute and then put onion pieces in the fry pan and wait for some time till it gets brown color.

-Now add soya sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce and salt in the fry pan and cook it for one minute.

-Then mix the cheese cubes in the fry pan and put some flour and keep it on the medium flour for three minutes.

-Now your dish is ready to serve.

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