How to Make Detachable an Original Arcade...

Introduction: How to Make Detachable an Original Arcade...

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I'm going to explain how to make your arcade furniture removable.

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Step 1: Remove All Components.

You need to remove all elements, hardware and electrical components.

Step 2: Cut All the Edges.

You have to cut all the boards that are between side and side across the edge

Step 3: Transport the Arcade Unmounted.

Now you can transport the entire arcade in your car

Step 4: Join the Lateral Parts.

You have to join all the parts with wooden tubes. It is not necessary to glue them with glue since because you want to be able to separate the boards again.

Step 5: Join the Base.

The bottom of your arcade must be strong and stable. You must join them with iron plates and screws.

Step 6: Install All the Elements.

You have to reinstall all the internal hardware and electrical components.

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