How to Make Different Types of Effective Camp Fires!

Introduction: How to Make Different Types of Effective Camp Fires!

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This instructable will go through in detail, how to build a good camp fire.

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. Wood

2. Kindling (paper, sticks, sawdust)

3. A fire source (lighter, matches, flint and steel)

4. A place to build the fire

Step 2: Tee Pee Fire

Teepee fires are probably the most common and simple fires.

To make a teepee fire, you need to:

1. Collect your kindling into a pile in the centre

2. Lay sticks on top of the kindling in a teepee shape

3. Make sure you put heaps of kindling and lots of different sized sticks for the teepee

There isn't really much to this type of fire. It is a simple and quick fire to make that looks pretty cool

Step 3: Swedish Fire Log

The Swedish fire log burns for very long time as the fire burns down the length of the log. For this one you will need some sort of saw.

1. You will need a big, sturdy log that can stand straight up

2. Cut the log downwards from the top into 8 pieces, leaving some bits on the bottom uncut so that the log doesn't split

3. Once the log is cut, get a big mass of kindling (saw dust and wood shavings work very well) and put it on top of the log.

4. light the kindling and watch it fall into the slits you have cut and watch the log light up (this might take a while though)

Step 4: Criss Cross Fire

There are 2 ways to make the criss cross fire.

The first way is very simple:

1. Make a Teepee fire

2. Stack bigger logs in a criss cross pattern outside the teepee, as shown in the picture

The second way is also pretty simple:

1. put all of your kindling and small sticks in the middle however you want (I like to use smaller sticks to make extra layers)

2. Stack the bigger logs around the kindling in a criss cross pattern as shown in the picture

3. Light the fire however you like

Step 5: LIGHT IT UP!

Pick your style and light your fire, watch the colours and feel the warmth of your creation!

If you follow the steps, hopefully you won't be looking at something like in the picture.

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