How to Make Digital Banner at Home




Introduction: How to Make Digital Banner at Home

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Here is the step by step instruction of making digital banner to fit outside to advertise your products or company.

First Prepare your design in Photoshop or Image Editing Software
Print the Banner using Digital Banner Printer
Make iron frame for banner to display outside
Stick the Banner and fit outside.

Materials you needed:
Digital Banner (Printed Copy)
Stag Bond Glue (To stick Banner in metal)
Metal Frame
Screw Driver
Drilling Machine
Paint Brush
Safety Glass

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Step 1: Design Your Banner in Computer

Design your banner design using any image editing software. In my case i used photoshop software to design my banner.

Step 2: Print Your Digital Banner

Here is the printed Digital Banner after design. Banner can be printed in any digital printer shops or printing press.

Step 3: Prepare Metal Frame

Prepare metal frame according to your digital banner printed copy. In my case it is 6 X 2 Feet.

Step 4: Apply Glue on Metal Frame

Here is the case to apply glue on the metal frame. Before applying glue make sure rust free metal frame. so that it will stick banner in varying temperatures. Take Glue with 1/2 inch Paint Brush and apply over the metal frame in only two sides. Keep some waste paper on the floor to prevent glue sticking on floor.:)

First apply one time and make it to dry and apply second time to make stick the banner.

Step 5: Stick Banner to Metal Frame

After applying glue wait for sometime and its time to stick your banner on metal frame. Place the banner upward of metal frame where glue applied on metal frame.

Sticking the banner is the hardest part. One should hold at one side and should stretch the banner to other side to make neat and lines/air free sticking of banner in the metal frame

Step 6: Final: Fixing the Banner Outside

Here we come to final process of fixing the banner outside. First  make measurements and drill the holes in metal frame to fix the banner outside wall.

Also some Photo shots of this digital banner with LED's lights to make more attraction :)

Thanks for seeing this instructables.. This is my first instructables...


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    3 years ago

    nice tutorial!

    thx a lot!
    I was using a few of this tips ;)
    But I've met a one problem: i habe only my simply printer at home ;(
    to happiness I' ve found a good app that print a big pictures like banners, posters, etc.
    adn i'm verry happy now.
    Oo ...I've almost forgot.. :) it's program calling poster printer.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for article at almost, but thanks also to you my friend, useful programm, using have no regrets! By the way here u can see the <a href="">tutorial</a> for this software! good luck!