How to Make Dry Nail Polish Work Again




Introduction: How to Make Dry Nail Polish Work Again

Step 1: Step 1

For a couple drops of acetone or nail polish remover with 100% acetone into the bottle. Let this sit out for an hour or two until polish is completely melted. When it seems to be completely liquified stir with the nail polish brush. !!! If you add too much acetone the nail polish will be too liquidy/loose !!!

Step 2: Good As New!

Step 3: Try It Out



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    8 Discussions

    What if youbuse alcohol will that work?

    Nail polish remover breaks down nail polish, you shouldn't put it in your nail polish, you should use nail polish thinner, it restores your nail polish. -Paige

    @novina Acetone is a solvent used in most nail polish removers. You can probably find it at any drug store or just use a nail polish remover with a high percent of acetone.
    Also, @anime and the Beatles, I don't know a way to make your nail polish dry faster, however, using the acetone in the nail polish didn't make it dry any slower. For me, it worked the same as it did before it dried out.

    i've done this before it only works on nail polish without glitter , i did this with a blue glitter nail polish i had and it turned black it worked with my non glitter nail polishes though .

    what is acetone??

    is there a way to do it in reverse and make it dry faster? does this take longer to dry after you do this.

    Thanks! this is pretty helpful!