How to Make Earring Wires




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Learn how to make earring wires in a few simple steps using 20 gauge craft wire and basic jewelry making tools. We make it easy to make it fun!

Step 1: Video

You will need:

20 gauge soft to medium hard round shaping wire

Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Wire rounder tool

Wire cutters

Step 2: Steps!

Here's a nifty graphic with all of the steps added!

Cut wire.

Bend wire around dowel.

Turn small loop in one end of wire with round nose pliers.

Bend opposite end of wire with round nose pliers.

Nip off excess wire with wire cutters, always cut to the flush!

Smooth the wire end with the rounder tool to soften the edges.

Hammer the front half of the wire to work harden.

Connect to your earring using chain nose pliers, make sure the wire is properly secured.

Step 3:



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