How to Make Easy Painted Vases



Making something new from things that are going to end up in the garbage is always so challenging and so much fun and this painted bottles are the proof.So this is a easy way to make a sweet vases using an old recycled bottles and some paint.You can decorated with twigs and winter greenery.If you decide to make one I'm sure in this winter days they will be unexpected decor that helps to brighten a room.To make your own, gather a few glass bottles in various sizes and shapes. Then, choose your paint colors and let the magic begin.

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Step 1:

Wash your bottles and give them enough time to dry completely before applying the paint.

Step 2:

Use funnel to pour the paint into the bottles.

Step 3:

Cap the bottle.

Roll your bottle around to evenly distribute your paint along the sides.

Step 4:

Remove the excess paint.

Let it dry for a couple of days.

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