How to Make Elephant Ears (In a Microwave)

These tasty treat make a great activity to do with friends and family!


Gather ingredients and tools
� 7”- 8” Flour tortillas
� Spreadable butter (in tub)
� Ground cinnamon
� Granulated sugar
� 1 teaspoon
� 1 butter knife
� 1 sharp (steak) knife
� Cutting board
� 1 large microwavable plate
� Microwave
� Oven mitt
� Paper towels
� Cooking spray, ex: Pam (not shown in image)

**Don’t forget to wash your hands before you start making these sweet treats!
For you ‘Health Nuts’ out there, use low-carb flour tortillas, and substitute spreadable margarine for the butter and Splenda for the sugar.  It still makes for a delicious, yet healthier treat!


Place one tortilla on the cutting board.  Take sharp knife and cut the tortilla evenly into about 1 ½ inch strips.  There should be about 5-7 strips and they should resemble elephant ears!

** Be careful with the sharp knife!  Hold down the tortilla firmly, and avoid cutting towards body and fingers.


To prevent the Elephant Ears from sticking, lightly spray cooking spray on entire plate.  Then, lay the tortilla strips on the plate parallel to one another.  Leave a little space between each strip.  You should be able to fit all of the tortilla strips on the plate.


Take the butter knife and the tub of butter and scrape ½ teaspoon (about the size of a quarter) of butter onto the knife.  Spread the butter evenly onto 1 side of a tortilla strip and then place the strip back onto plate, butter side up.  Repeat this step until all tortilla strips on the plate are covered with butter.

**Be careful with the butter knife.  Also, this step may get messy.  Avoid licking your fingers at any time to prevent spread of germs, and wash your hands at the end of this step if they are covered with butter!

Step 5: SUGAR

Take the spoon and scoop up ¾ of a teaspoon of sugar.  Leave the tortilla strips on the plate. Then take the spoon and gently sprinkle sugar evenly over entire side of one strip (butter side).  Repeat this step until all strips have sugar sprinkled on them.

Recommendations:  Depending on how sweet you like your treats, you can add more or less sugar (½ teaspoon-1 ¾ teaspoons).


Now for the cinnamon!  Take a large pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle it evenly over entire side of one strip (butter and sugar side). Repeat this step until all strips have cinnamon sprinkled on them.

Recommendations:  Depending on how much you like the cinnamon flavor, you can add more or less of the spice (1-3 pinches/strip).


Take the plate with the covered strips and place in the center of the microwave. 

** Make sure that the tortilla strips are NOT hanging over the edge of the plate to prevent them from falling off and making a mess.

Step 8: COOK

Type in your cook time and wait while the elephant ears are cooking up!  Time are shown below; they vary with different microwaves due to wattage.

OPTION 1:  If you want your Elephant Ears FIRM, and CRUNCHY…
   600-800 watts →   2 minutes, 45 seconds
   801-1000 watts → 2 minutes, 30 seconds
1001-1200 watts →   2 minutes, 15 seconds
OPTION 2:  If you want your Elephant Ears SOFT, and CHEWY…
   600-800 watts →   2 minutes
   801-1000 watts → 1 minutes, 45 seconds
1001-1200 watts →   1 minutes, 30 seconds

**Microwave with or without turntable is acceptable; may turn turntable ON or OFF.


CAUTION: Plate will be hot!  Leave the plate in the microwave for 1 minute before removing it.  Then, using an oven mitt, grab the plate out of the microwave and set it wherever you plan on serving it.

**Do not place the warm plate on a heat sensitive surface; you may want to place the plate on a heating pad.

Step 10: ENJOY

For most enjoyment, serve and eat your elephant ears immediately.  Your fingers may get a little messy, so grab a napkin. Then, pick up your tasty treat and enjoy! 

**Elephant ears snack goes great with a cold glass of milk.



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