How to Make Embossed Painting | Metal Art

Introduction: How to Make Embossed Painting | Metal Art

  • Let's make this beautiful unique painting.
  • It's very easy to make
  • Looking inspired and amazing.



Pewter Sheet (aluminium sheet),

Craft Foam Sheet,


Modelling Ball Tools,

Canvas Board,

Paper Cutter

Plaster of Paris

Glass Paint (Brown),


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Step 1: Design / Sketch

Select and draw design of your choice I draw ram sheep design on paper.

Step 2: Draw on Pewter Sheet

  • Place craft foam sheet for embossing.
  • Cut pewter sheet according to canvas board. Make sure pewter sheet is inch long on each side.

Step 3: Embossing Design

  • Stick sketch on pewter sheet.
  • Trace sketch on pewter sheet.
  • Embossing technique can be checked from video.

Step 4: Making Durable

  • Cut canvas sheet from inside.
  • Make plaster of paris according to canvas board.
  • Fill complete for making it durable.

Step 5: Coloring

Colors can be chosen according to sketch or as you like.

Step 6: Final Look

Here are few beautiful pics of Metal Embossing painting.

Feel free to ask any question about it.

Your suggestions are always welcome

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