How to Make Embossed Vellum Rose Wreath Card

Introduction: How to Make Embossed Vellum Rose Wreath Card

This card is awesome, there is no other words for it! It is pretty, eyecatching and just so gorgeous, using cardstock and vellum to create a wreath made of embossed roses. There are a few different techniques in this tutorial to make the wreath but they are all easy when you see how.

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Step 1: Items Used

8x8inch White Card Blank Base

Matt & Layer Lilac cardstock base and I inked the edges with Anna Griffin French Gold ink pad

Layer another paper layer with a circle aperture in the middle

Presscut circle dies

Anna Griffin French Floral Cardstock Paper in floral collection to make paper ribbons for around the edge

Anna Griffin Garden Cuttings Kit dies and embossing folders to make the roses and the leaves

Lilac and Pink cardstock for the roses, Olive cardstock for the leaves

Vellum for the extra roses.

All the roses and the leaves were inked around the edges and lightly over the top of the embossing.

The vellum was tinted from behind, this technique can be seen at

I used Silicone glue to attach the roses

The centre sentiment was from a sentiment kit and I created a paper ribbon background for it, this technique can be seen at

Selection of tape and glue also from Stix2

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial

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