How to Make Energy From Coin

Introduction: How to Make Energy From Coin

this is a great method to make energy from coins....lets start

this is video link

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Step 1: You Need

You need

  1. some copper coins
  2. some paper
  3. aluminium foil
  4. vinegar

Step 2: Cut Down Foil&paper

cut down the aluminium foil as shape as coin,and like that cut down the paper as shape as coin

Step 3: Sink the Paper

sink those round shape paper into a vinegar for 3 munite.

Step 4: Make Parallel Position

first put a coin,then put a round shape aluminium foil on coin,then put a oval shape of paper that found from vinegar on coin&aluminium foil. Repeat this pattern.

.like that-coin-foil-paper-coin-foil-paper-coin-foil-paper

Step 5: Light a LED

then those coin's a pole is positive and opposite pole is negative.and light a Led and you can find 5 v from ten coins but low amp.

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    3 years ago

    That's neat :) It would be a fun science class project.