How to Make Fairies Appear at Your Child's Birthday Party!





Introduction: How to Make Fairies Appear at Your Child's Birthday Party!

My soon to be 8 year old daughter wanted a fairy themed birthday so I decided to make it an extra special one. I created a very simple effect that made all the party goers think real fairies made an appearance just for them!

Step 1: Getting Your Supplies...

You will need:

1. Some 10mm Non-diffused or diffused (your preference) LEDs

2. Some CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries 2 per LED used

3. Some clear tape (or whatever tape you like)

4. A tree to hang them in.

5. A party of giggly 8 year old girls (optional)

First, make yourself some "Throwies". Detailed instructions can be found at

Otherwise, get some LED bulbs. I used 10mm non-diffused but if I had it to do again, I would use diffused as these were pretty much directional. Almost like a mini spotlight.

Then you'll need a power source. For this I used CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries. I used 2 for each light.

When you assemble the "Throwies", make sure and pay close attention to the leads on the LEDs. One is just a bit longer than the other. This is the positive side (+) which goes to the positive side of the batteries.

Step 2: Making Your "Throwies"

Stack 2 of your CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries like this...


Next take your LED once again paying attention to the longer or positive (+) lead and place the positive to the positive side and the negative to the negative side. The LED will not light if you have the poles reversed.

The take some clear tape (or whatever type of tape you like) and wrap the batteries and the wires so they look like this...

Step 3: Put Them in the Tree!

We planned some games for the party that revolved around the fairies and each activity was to "gain the favor of the fairies".

We started as each girl arrived they were given wings a want and some fairy makeovers.

Then the fun began. The first thing that happened was the fairies left some small gifts around the house for the girls to find. I bought some ceramic mosaic tiles that were "garden shapes" as fairies are very into nature and spread them about the house.

The girls went wild as they looked as if the fairies had made them themselves!

Then the girls had to make up a dance, write a poem, and draw pictures. While this was all going on I slipped out to the tree in the back yard and taped one of each color LED to a branch in the tree coresponding with the colors of the fairies. Red, Green, Blue, Orange (amber), and towards the top was a White one as I am told the white fairy is the queen of the fairies.

Step 4: The Result...

After the girls had completed all of their tasks, I advised them to look outside to see if the fairies had arrived.

The response was squeals of joy and laughter and non stop talking about it for the rest of the night.



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    19 Discussions

    You deserve the WAY COOL DAD of the Year Award! Great ideas and great job! Kudos :o)

    AGAIN - Great idea with terrific 'follow-thru" May not seem like a big deal but the memories are for a lifetime. Make sure of it > they will tell their grandkids about it.

    What an amazing idea.. you must be a wonderful mother and I can't wait to throw a fairy themed party for my daughter as well! Wow.

    2 replies

    Modest birthday party Queen tips her hat to the birthday party king-lol. Wow! Very creative.  Well done!!!

    That is such a great idea. My dad used to do really involved easter egg hunts in our back yard. Your daughter will remember this for a long time.

    1 reply

     It's really funny that you say that because 2 nights ago, she looked out our back window and saw the reflection of something and said "Hey Dad, the fairies are back!" 

    I let her think what she wanted of course... ;0)

    This is a cute idea for a girls party. Perhaps the fairies could be attached to short strings so there is a bit of movement.

    3 replies

    Yes, that would have been a good idea as well. It was fun listening to the girls discussing whether or not they saw the fairies moving. It was a bit breezy that night so the tree was moving a bit.

    I actually considered that idea along with the string from above. If I would have had more time to design I think I could have developed something using one of those motorized Christmas ornaments...

    Hee hee...that's awesome! I wish my daughter was older, so I could do this, too :)

    This sounds like a creative and memorable event :) kudos

    Nice... How about quickly clipping it together with a small binder clip, then you have something to hook your fairies onto the tree limbs too. Then just squeeze the clip when done, and it's both off and apart. Might have to add an insulator to keep the juice from going through the clip, or just use painted clips. Neat idea, will use this when my 3 month old gets older. Thanks!