How to Make Fake 3d Images

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Ho everyone welcome to my first instructables!
Today we are going to build a hologram using very easily available OHP SHEET which you can get from your local stationary shop so lets get started

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Step 1: Making the Outline

On a piece of graph paper make the shape of the side of an hologram projector as shown in the figure

Step 2: You Will Need (Materials Required)

1. OHP sheet
2. Paper cutter
3. Ruler
4. Cello. Tape
5. Patience :)

Step 3: Making the Main Body

Cut 4 pcs of OHP sheet in the shape of the outline made in the graph paper
Join all the pieces together using cellotape

Step 4: How to Use

On YouTube search for hologram videos and lay down your hologram projector in the middle of the screen and start the video

Step 5: Success

Now you can watch 3d images and holograms at home for best results try this in a dark room you will fell that its a real 3d image

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