How to Make Fancy, Fragrant Soap



Introduction: How to Make Fancy, Fragrant Soap

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Currently, when all ingredients are easy to buy, making soap is very easy. So let's do it.

Why to make a soap ? I see three main reasons:
- to make something personalized fitted to our style or needs
- to make it as a cool, unusual gift for somebody
- or just for fun/kidscraft with kids.

What will be needed ?
- grycelin soap base
- food scent and dye
- can (ie from bean)

Step 1: Preparing Fragrant and Color

First step is really easy. Take whatever fragrant and a dye You like and mix it in the cup. Do not take to much of a dye if You want transparent soap.

Step 2: Little Bit of Improvement

If You like, You can go further in soap personalization. You can add some 'things' to it. Put those 'things' into baking molds. I recomment to use silicon baking molds, it's easier to remove the soap at the end.

For example I used dried flowers. Daisies looks really great in the soap.

Step 3: Making Liquid Soap

Put glycerine soap base into the can (can should be clean). Then boil the water in the pot and use it to warm the can. You will get liquid soap. Do not mix it too much, becouse it will produce air bubbles and since the hot soap congeals really quickly those bubbles will be visible in Your soap.
If You have liquid soap, pour it into the cup with fragrant and dye. Then mix them slowly and pour all of it to the baking molds. Let it cool down.

Step 4: The End

Now, after about 30 minutes, remove Your soap from the molds and that's all. Congratulations! You have produced Your own soap:)

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