How to Make Fanny the Flyswatter: an Introduction to Junk Puppetry



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Junk puppetry is simply scrounging through all your "junk" at home and finding interesting objects to make puppets with. This process is also known as found object puppetry. In this tutorial you will learn how to make Fanny the Flyswatter, a junk puppet.


Step 1: Step One: Gather Your Junk

Gather up any junk you can find to make Fanny. If you don't have a flyswatter, try a spatula or a wooden spoon! My Fanny has a flyswatter base, an earplug nose, some wiggle eyes, a hairbow and a heart-shaped mouth cut from construction paper. You can make all your parts from construction paper, felt, nuts and bolts, or anything else interesting you find in the house or garage. Fanny is your puppet so decorate her however you want her to look!

Step 2: Step Two: Glue on Parts

Glue parts onto puppet. Let dry.

Step 3: Step Three: Enjoy Puppet

Enjoy your puppet. Fanny is good for swatting flies but she occassionally stars in puppet shows. (Isn't junk puppetry fun?) Love, twinkleshine



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