How to Make Fidget Spinner at Home Without Bearings From Paper



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    Hello Readers in this instructable i made fidget spinner using paper and there is no use of bearings which is rusty and causes mess!!continue reading and try to make one because is one of the toy which is good to play with.


    • Made From Paper
    • No Bearings
    • Easy To Make
    • Safe to Play With

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    Step 1: Check Out Video for Spinning Time and Comment What Do You Think...

    Step 2: Building the Body

    • 9.5cm line is marked on sheet(length)
    • 1.5cm is marked(breadth)
    • Mark mid point

    Step 3: Body Building Phase

    • Marked Sheet is Folded
    • Repeat folding until many layer is formed
    • Using coins mark circles inside the drawing
    • Cut the marked sheet
    • Glue them Together

    Step 4: Fidget Caps and Finishing Up

    • 1cm is measured in compass
    • Drawn on multilayers of paper
    • Cut
    • Hole is Made on midpoint of Circle(Cap)
    • Tooth pic is inserted to the cap and then to body
    • Glued
    • Excess toothpic is cut
    • Fidget Spinner is Ready!

    Step 5: Video Showing Spinning Time

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      Penolopy Bulnick

      1 year ago

      A tooth pick was a good idea! It spins really well :)