How to Make Fidget Spinner at Home Without Bearings




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What Is a Fidget Spinner?

It is a Stress relieving Toy,actual one Consists of Bearings at its Centre But The One Which is Made by Me Eliminates Bearings and Uses Paper Discs!

So ill Show You How i Made it.Continue Reading....

This Is a version 2 Fidget Spinner For Version 1 check my Previous Instructable

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Step 1: Video Showing Spin Time and How to Tutorial

  • This Videos Shows How I Made Fidget Spinner
  • If You Didn't Follow any Of My Instructable Steps This Video Might Help You..

Step 2: Gathering Materials

  • A4 sheets-2
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Pencil
  • Toothpic
  • Paper Glue
  • Super Glue

A Line is Drawn on Paper Which is (9.5x2.2)cm in Length and Centre Point is Marked

Step 3: Making Body

I Dont Know How To Explain This! ill Try My Level Best

  • Since a Single Layer of Paper is Weak i Added nearly 18 Pieces Which Were Individually Glued Together
  • At The End of body Coin Is Kept and Impressions Are Taken
  • To Cut Many Layers Of Paper At Once Check The Process in Images(Done With One More Sheet)
  • Process Needs Time and Patience
  • Glued Using Paperglue
  • Left For Sometime To Dry

Step 4: Weight Attachment

  • I've used 2 penny Which Adds Weights
  • Penny are Placed At Corners Of Body
  • Glued Together Using Paper Glue
  • Left Some Time For Drying

Step 5: Caps

Caps are Made From Leftover Of Sheets Used To Make Body(concern for paper!)

  • Measure 2cm In Compass and Draw Circles(Done With Other Sheet Also)
  • Cut The Circles
  • Divide The Number Of Circles
  • If There Are 18 Circles,Glue 9 Circles First(It Will Be first Cap) Do Same With Remaining 9 and Make Second Cap

Step 6: Coupling Up

  • Using Toothpic Holes Are Made On Body And Holder(Hole Should Be Made Little Larger Than Toothpic Diameter To Reduce Friction)
  • Follow Images To Attach Caps
  • Caps are Superglued To The Toothpic And Left For Drying
  • Leftovers Are Cut Using Scissors
  • Spin Many Times Untill The Spin Becomes Smooth

Thankyou For Your Time To Read My Instructable,Hope You Enjoyed It.Share it With Your Family And Friends Who Are In Search Of Making This Kind of Fidget Spinners


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