How to Make Fish Curry - Shorshe Maach - Bengali Fish Curry - Fish in Mustard Sauce

Introduction: How to Make Fish Curry - Shorshe Maach - Bengali Fish Curry - Fish in Mustard Sauce

Fish in Mustard Sauce - Shorshe Maach - Bengali Fish Curry - How To Make Fish Curry -

Shorshe Maach, fish in mustard sauce is a Bengali fish curry and this is our take on it. The first time we made this dish, it tanked but the second attempt made up for it. Hilsa or Ilish, an expensive backwater herring is traditionally used to cook this curry. Why is this fish so expensive? We did not know the answer then but later found out that this herring is nearing extinction. The human greed or should we say over exploitation has disturbed this herring’s ecosystem adversely.

Hilsa is not an easy fish to breed through aquafarming, hence the only way to save it is to bring down its commercial demand. Having learnt this after two attempts, we have decided against eating this fish again. Maybe we will observe this abstinence until the species recovers or never. We request you to use your judgment and make an informed choice. There are plenty of other herrings and fresh water fish out there, you could use any of them.

Our recipe of this Bengali fish curry will yield 4 servings, with 617 kilocalories in each.

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