How to Make Fish Hooks




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Hello there Internet I'm back with another instructable. sorry it's been so long

Step 1: Get This Stuff

You'll need
either copper or steel wire (about 0.9 mm in diameter)
pliers with wire cutter
scissors (or rotary tool if your scissors aren't sharp enough)

Step 2: Cut a Point on the End of the Wire

Not much to say about this step

Step 3: Bend

bend into hook shape then make a loop at the top

Step 4: You Are Done

I haven't tried them but I think you can catch small fish with it . Sorry for the bad pictures,I have a really bad camera.If you vote or leave a comment it'll be appreciated and if you follow me you will be loved forever

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    2 years ago

    Surely for small fish only. A medium fish will bend the hook straight.


    2 years ago

    You can add paracord slices if you want to make a fly

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