How to Make Flapper 1

Introduction: How to Make Flapper 1

About: I love to make paper planes instructables!i am a normal Indian kid.i make instructables for helping others and time pass.

Today,I am going to teach how to make a plane that doesn't fly fast or far but it flaps it's wings!

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Step 1: Paperssssssss

First,take a sheet

Step 2: Small Body

Fold the bottom edge to the top edge as shown

Step 3: Simple Things


Step 4: Folded

Fold the top left corner of the page to the centre crease

Step 5: Folded Part 2

Repeat with the right corner but don't let the corner is equal to the left corner as shown

Step 6: Flapping Wing

Fold the bottom edge to the top edge

Step 7: Flapping Wing

Fold the top edge to the bottom edge as shown

Step 8: Second Flapping Wing

Flip over

Step 9: Second Flapping Wing Ready!

Fold the bottom edge to the top edge

Step 10: Flap!flap!

Pop out the wings and you are done!

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