How to Make Flappy Birds Console | Arduino Project # 2

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Intro: How to Make Flappy Birds Console | Arduino Project # 2

made a flappy bird game console with very few components.

the whole build took more or less than 30min. this was made for my nephew.

i have uploaded all the file to host. here u can download my arduino code and the libraries used

1 - flappy birds arduino code -

2 - LCD library -

3- wiring -

Once you are done Connecting the module to the Arduino, so that the pins are inserted properly into the Arduino. The program for testing the module is given below. In-order to run the module we need to libraries into the Arduino software.

Step 1: The Whole Build Video

here i show how i build it.



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    Question 15 days ago

    Can I have the source code please , i can find it hier