How to Make Flash Light Using Plastic and Deodorant Bottles




Introduction: How to Make Flash Light Using Plastic and Deodorant Bottles

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Step 1: Making


Plastic Bottle

LED Lights


Empty deodorant Bottle

Step 2: Making

Take the Deodorant bottle and cut and open the spray nozzle and use sand paper to smoother as shown

Step 3: Making

Take the empty plastic bottle and cut the head portion and remove the cap and make 4 holes using the hot object and put LEDs in it and make sure the all the negatives are towards middle and twist them and apply some hot glue and twist the positive ends you can see the final output in the last pictures.

Step 4: Making

For placing the switch make a hole using nail and scissor and see weather the switch fits in hole or not..

Step 5: Making

Solder the wires of led and switch and batteries and then pass the switch wires through the hole of switch and the solder the wires to switch.

Step 6: Making

Now arrange all the inside the bottle and then apply plaster and to the switch apply glue and fix it.

If you have big spray can use big mouthed bottle.



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    Why bother when you can buy very nice flashlights at Walmart for $1.00 each?

    Nice work i really like it

    efficient recycling of materials.