How to Make French Onion Soup





2/3 Pounds of Swiss, Parmesan or Gruyere Cheese
A Baguette or Sourdough
2 Quarts of Beef Broth
1-2 Table Spoons of Thyme seasoning
1/2 Cup of Butter
4 Onions
1/2 An Ounce Flour
2 Cloves of Garlic
3/4 to 1 Cup of Red Wine
A Couple Basil Leaves
And Salt and Pepper
(Optional Mushrooms)

Step 1:

Melt the butter in a large pot. Then add the Onions (chopped and diced), Cloves of Garlic, Thyme seasoning, Basil Leaves, (Mushrooms), and Salt and Pepper. Then stir well, and let simmer for 25 -30 minutes on medium heat.

Step 2:

Next add the Wine and bring the heat to a boil. Once all wine has evaporated (just over 5 minutes) add the Flour and lower the heat back down to medium. Cook for ten more minutes then add the Beef Broth And cook for 10 more minutes.

Step 3:

Finally pour the soup into serving bowls. Slice the bread, place the cheese on top, Toast with Kitchen Torch, and top the soup with the cheese bread slices. And then serve

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Omg absolutely delicious. easy to follow the recipe easy to find ingredients. Definitely 5 stars. Better than any restaurant and i get it at every establishment that servrs it. I love to make this on a cool fall winter day then put it in a crock pot till i am ready for another bowl heat my toaster oven up finish with the croutons/bread and the cheese is just right like i previously said i absolutely love this soup❤❤ Yummiest.


    2 years ago

    Yum! It looks delicious :) I love French onion soup.