How to Make French Toast - Easy Recipe




An easy method and recipe on how to make french toast. Personally this is the best tasting french toast I have ever had and would highly recommend making it. Perfect for breakfast or a late night snack! All you need to make this french toast is french bread (regular bread also works just fine), 2 eggs, milk, cooking pan, butter, and a spatula.

Step 1: Cut Bread

The first step in making your homemade french toast is to cut the bread. In this instructable we used French bread, however regular bread works just fine. You can cut the bread to whatever thickness you prefer, my personal preference is having the bread cut on the thicker side.

Step 2: Crack Two Eggs Into Mixing Bowl

In this instructable we made five pieces of french toast, so if you plan on making 10 pieces, you use four eggs, and if you make eight pieces, you use three eggs.

Step 3: Add Some Milk

The next step is to add some milk into your mixing bowl. If you watch our YouTube video on How to Make French Toast, you can see about how much milk is needed.

Step 4: Mix Eggs and Milk

Now you mix the eggs and milk with whatever method of mixing you choose. Mix the milk and eggs until they become a fluent liquid with no chunks of eggs.

Step 5: Prepare the Pan

Prepare your pan by first turning on your stove, and then adding something that will prevent your toast from sticking to the pan. We used Blue Bonnet Butter / margarine and it worked great! Heat the butter up by placing it on the pan over the stove and move it around the pan by tilting it in various directions.

Step 6: Dip Bread in Mix and Begin to Cook

Dip both sides of your bread into the milk + eggs mix and begin to cook them by placing them onto the pan. Don't soak the bread in the mix for too long as they may become soggy. Just a quick dip on both sides is all that's needed. Also, flip the bread with a spatula when it's visually clear that one side has finished cooking.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Enjoy your homemade french toast, after all, YOU made it! This french toast is also good with syrup, however they are even better without it. Coupled with some fruit, this french toast is the perfect breakfast item and tastes so so good!



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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Try letting the bread sit out over night. Slightly dried bread soaks more egg and makes for better toast

    1 reply
    ApexTVStephen Inoue

    Reply 3 years ago

    No problem! The photos are screenshotted from our video!


    3 years ago

    In french, it's called "pain perdu", lost bread. Cos it's a receipe to accomodate stale bread !

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks for the info, I was always curious as to why its called" french toast "