How to Make French Toast Roll-Ups in the Most Comfy Way :D

Introduction: How to Make French Toast Roll-Ups in the Most Comfy Way :D

Are you hungry af? The guilt belongs to this delicious french toast rolls.

That's not surprising! Since their interior filling of Milk Candy, plus the exquisite sensation produced by the cream cheese and the sweet and fresh taste of the bananas makes them one of the most beloved desserts ever..

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Step 1: The Comfy Needs

First things first: You’ll need a pair of super comfy (and fucking ugly) slippers. Unless you’re Alejandro :( there are no slipper 4 u.

Step 2: The Ingredients

In order to be able to cook a sophisticated dish such as Milk Candy filled French Toast Rolls, you need to get some of this ingredients.

  • Slices of bread
  • Strawberries (Since we’re poor as fuck, we used bananas :’( #sadlife)
  • Milk candy
  • Cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 250 ml. of milk
  • Spoon and a half of sugar
  • A spoon of cinnamon

Step 3: Mix Itttttttt Babyyyy

Now, we’re about to do the dirty work lol. Mix thoroughly the eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon to get a dense mixture you’ll need in the next steps of the recipe.

Step 4: The Rolls

Make the rolls by taking a piece of bread and smashing it with a rolling pin, then add a layer of cream cheese. Once you did this super complicated chore, pour in it as much Milk candy as you want and after this put some pieces of bananas and finally roll it.

Step 5: It's Getting Hot

When you have your little roll, bath it in the mixture you just made for a few seconds.

We’re about to finish! (Finally), put a pan on the stove – which obviously should be on – and put a little piece of butter in it, then fry the rolls…

Step 6: Serve Them

Serve them in a plate with sugar and cinnamon and a little bit of milk candy in each roll.

Step 7: <3


Thank u for ur attention teacher, we – your favorite students deserve a 10 OBVS – Xxo

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