How to Make Fruit Sushi

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Hi, everyone! This is my tutorial on how to make fruit sushi, and most of the ingredients you should have on hand! Thank you for viewing! Enjoy!

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

Frozen or fresh strawberries (Optional.They are for decoration)

Frozen or fresh blueberries

Shredded coconut, sweetened or not

Any kind of jelly or preserves you want (I used strawberry)

Bananas (I used 1 banana to make 4 sushi rolls. You can make however many you want using more bananas)

Step 2: The Base

Chop the/each banana into 4 pieces, rectangular-like. Chop off any round ends. Then, use a knife and cut a small circle in the middle of the banana, but don't go all the way down. then, carefully scoop out the middle. Eat the leftovers!

Step 3: Assembly

Stick the blueberries in the middle with some jelly. Then, coat the sides and around the top (Don't cover the blueberry) with jelly (It will get a little messy here) and roll like crazy in the coconut.

Step 4: Presentation

If you have a little extra coconut that has jelly on it, so you can't put it back in the bag, scoop it all to the side and finish with a strawberry. (One roll doesn't have coconut on it because my little sister hates coconut, so I had to leave it off, in case you were wondering) And ta-da! You have super easy fruit sushi!

Step 5:



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